Decorative Tiles & Slabs

As a decorative tiles supplier in Beirut, we will provide you with contemporary and resilient designs. Furthermore, you will have the option to choose from a very wide range of colors and styles. Opt  for that rustic unpolished stone look to give your home a cozy feel or a sophisticated and sleek polished marble look to add that modern touch. Better yet, you can decide to mix and match with our expert advice.

Mawad offers you a wide variety of decorative tiles that include Ceramics, Decorative Glass, Mosaic and Slate.


SapienStone is the first brand of porcelain slab countertop surfaces designed specifically for kitchen worktops, both residential and professional use.

decorative tiles beirut


Among our decorative tiles collection is ceramics, the perfect add-on to high traffic areas of your home. Ceramics are water resistant and offer high endurance, easily maintained and cleaned. At Mawad we stock various design options which gives you the choice to create your own style. While ceramic tiles add a rich look to your home, they are one of the affordable decorative tiles that you can own, making them a very popular choice.

Decorative Glass

Are you looking to add a unique design and an eye-catching touch to your home? At Mawad this can be made possible with our decorative glass options. Choose from different designs or customize with a choice of different techniques, colors, and patterns. We use precious materials such as platinum, silver and 24Kt gold to produce a piece of art that adds a lot of glam to your home.

decorative tiles beirut
decorative tiles beirut


This type of decorative tile is very popular and widely spread in today’s market. Originating in ancient Greece, Mosaics today can be customized to reflect whatever pattern suits you best, adding that extra charm to your kitchen or home.

Better yet, use them to cover your walls and create beautiful floors. You can also add a luxurious look to your shower which will revamp your bathroom and give you the comfort that you want.

Interested in wood options? Explore our Interior Wood options!

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