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Designer kitchens

When it comes to designer kitchens, timeless appeal through subtle grandeur will never go out of fashion. Combining highly functional appliances and a sleek design with the most efficient storage spaces can be challenging. Your kitchen displays you and your style and whether you are hosting a dinner party for your family and friends, indulging in a romantic dinner for two, or just preparing your signature dish to enjoy at the end of a long day, a luxurious and trendy kitchen definitely sets a calming mood and refreshes you. If you are looking for a kitchen supply store in Beirut that has the ability to transform your kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing as well as practical space, let our Mawad team take you through this kitchen renovation journey.

No matter what final look you would like to achieve, our team of experts will take you through the kitchen renovation with full-fledged assistance as well as suggestions after considering the interior design of your home, lighting, and budget. We promise you an immaculate kitchen design which will leave every one of your guests’ head over heels in love. With exotic finishing touches and unique ideas, Mawad will provide you with an extraordinary transformation.

Customise your space

As a leading kitchen supply store in Beirut, Mawad will do everything it can in its power to create a bespoke kitchen for you with utter exclusivity. While designing the different storage spaces, cabinets, drawers, accessories, it is important that everything is impeccable, long-lasting, and easy-to-use. To create your designer kitchen, Mawad offers world-renowned and award-winning German brands and leaders in the industry. Therefore, we guarantee you top class quality, practicality, and the best use of latest technologies. Your kitchen renovation will be customised from the beginning until the end depending on whether you want it spacious or compact, with a kitchen island, or without, with material options from wood to lacquer, laminate to stainless steel. The choice is yours.

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Personal touch

Besides first-class service, we at Mawad do take into account that investing in a luxurious kitchen can be a costly affair and therefore make sure that our designs last for decades. Although a stunning kitchen design is exactly what catches our eyes at first, it’s comes down to practical details at the end. We want to provide you with a kitchen which has every single compartment thought out to optimize every inch of space. Our kitchen supply store in Beirut will provide you with a designer kitchen that you’ll love to use.

During every step of the way, Mawad keeps in mind that the main aspects of your kitchen renovation needs to be the design and functionality. With our brands like Nobilia, Siematic, and Zeyko your kitchen design will always go in the right direction while giving you the exact exclusive product you asked for.

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desginer lifestyle
desginer lifestyle

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