Finishing Materials

Finishing materials include
Interior Wood, Exterior Wood, and Decorative Tiles & Slabs

Interior Wood

Add a touch of warmth and character to your home with our collection of solid wood flooring, laminate, and marquetry.

Exterior Wood

Add a touch of beauty to your outdoor space with our collection of WPC and Solid Wood decking.

Decorative Tiles & Slabs

Mix and match different colours and styles. Choose from our collection of decorative glass, ceramics, porcelain or mosaic.

Finishing materials in a nutshell

Finishing materials play a critical role in adding charm to your home, and are subject to the most activity, making them more susceptible to wear and tear. At Mawad, we ensure that you invest once in a unique finishing material design that will last you a lifetime of elegance. At Mawad, we offer high standard services and only stop once you are thoroughly satisfied with the outcome. We work with you until we have created your desired design in order to make your home your comfy paradise.

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Choosing the right finishing materials

While designing your dream house, you will have to make hundreds of decisions. Color palette? Material? Design or durability? Modern or Classic? Brands?  Sounds overwhelming?

Having designed thousands of homes, we at Mawad understand the choices that customers have to make and ensure that we are with you every step of the way, facilitating your choices and guiding you towards a design that will combine your vision of beauty with our standards of durability. We know that some parts of your home are likely to be higher traffic areas which require choosing flooring designs that are durable and low-maintenance, keeping pace with your daily activities. Choices like solid wood or ceramic tiles are lovely options that are durable and unique.

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Great customer service for an impressive end result

At Mawad, we will assist you through your entire home renovation journey and determine the best option for you based on your current home design, the lighting in your home, and the overall desired look. Regardless of your budget, we promise you extreme elegance and high-quality.

Even though choosing from such a pool of options can be challenging, our experienced team is here to help you pick what works best for your home and your lifestyle. Each of our finishing materials are designed to give you that wow-factor and extravagance you are looking for. If you have your heart set on more than one option, do not worry! With our guidance and assistance, we assure you that you will make the right choice to own a modern, sophisticated and sleek flooring.