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All about individuality, Nobilia offers high quality and intelligently engineered kitchens designed to fit any lifestyle and taste. Every single kitchen Nobilia produces is individually planned, creating a completely unique result.


The Nobilia modern line offers on-trend high quality lacquer cabinets, perfectly matted fronts with seamless, laser-welded edges are at full display without handles, creating a linear and uniform appearance.

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The Nobilia classic kitchen style have made a real come back with straight-lined framed fronts offering a wide variety of designs possibilities that can be incorporated into your overall design scheme.

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nobilia kitchens beirut

nobilia through the years

Nobilia was founded in 1945 by a cabinetmaker and a businessman who joined forces to create and sell sewing cabinets and furniture. Due to the exceptional quality of their work, the company employed 25 people in just 2 years of doing business. By 1967 the company became well known for quality fitted kitchens and expanded to 145 employees, leaving a mark on the global market. In 2015 Nobilia not only celebrated 70 years of exceptional work, but also 630,000 kitchen designs, resulting in over a 1,000 million in sales and growth for the 15th consecutive year. As the company continues to grow, it now produces over 700,000 kitchens annually, half of which are exported internationally. Nobilia’s designers and manufacturers make sure that the kitchens which are sent abroad acknowledge the culture, current trends, and preferences of the country it's going to.

nobilia kitchens beirut
nobilia kitchens beirut

Dedication towards quality and sustainability

The company has a sophisticated quality control system in place which examines goods at every step of the production. Over 21 fitted kitchens are sent through quality control every day. Furthermore, its orientation towards energy efficiency and environmental protection are at the core of the company’s philosophy. Its PEFC certification reflects nobilia’s orientation towards sustainability, extracting timber products only from sustainably managed forests.

Find your inspiration

If you’d like to learn more about the individual products that Nobilia offers, then take a look at their Kitchen Journal. Containing everything from different types of kitchens to colours, finishes, decor elements, specific architectural solutions, accessories, and more. You will be able to get inspiration which we can bring to life.

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