Classic vs Modern: Which Kitchen Style is Right For You?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? If yes, then keep reading! We will help you choose a kitchen style that reflects your lifestyle.

It makes sense to take your time to plan your kitchen renovation journey, since it’s a room where you naturally spend a lot of time. Two of the most popular kitchen designs are the modern or classic styles. Each represent a certain lifestyle and perspective towards life, and the color, materials and detailing you choose depends on your personality! Our job here is to present layout the features of both in a simple way to guide your choice towards the kitchen of your dreams. 

Classic Kitchen

The classic kitchen is intended to be warm and timeless. Everything about it is simple, including its tranquil color palette and sharp, clean lines. Choosing the right colors for your classic kitchen is an exciting journey, with favorite colors being creams, whites, and grays. 

These, combined with a practical timber for surfaces, create a cozy rustic atmosphere. Classic kitchens usually include plenty of storage. Cabinets are built to extend up to the ceiling, optimizing available space. 

Modern kitchen

The modern kitchen is designed to give off a vibrant and fun vibe. Everything about it is edgy, from its minimalistic and handless cabinets, to its high gloss cabinets and mirrored glasses which in return function as an optical illusion to widen your space. When it comes to storage, clever solutions are ingeniously incorporated into the , as a modernkitchen uses clever storage solutions. Integrated appliances, pull-out pantries, and easy to use drawers. 

When it comes to color, white is the most popular choice, but we recommend adding a flash of color to break it up, such as yellow, red or blue. 

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Mix & match your own style

Keep in mind that ultimately, you create your own style. Your needs and the use that you will be putting your kitchen to will dictate its design and color scheme, and if you fancy a little of both, then you have the complete freedom to build a kitchen that suits your fantasy. Keep in mind that classic features can add a lot of warmth to a modern kitchen, and vice versa, modern features can add a lot of life to a classic kitchen. Whether it’s a black, red or orange kitchen, what matters is you feeling comfortable and happy in your space. 

Whatever your preference is, we at Mawad are ready to help. We are an awarded kitchen design company in Beirut, Lebanon, with lots of experience and fun ideas. Be sure to drop by our stores or give us a call, and we can take it from there.


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