Exterpark Decking

EASY, FAST, & SILENT Decking System

Exterpark decks are easy, fast and silent. Decks are built using new innovation. If you're looking for reliable and groundbreaking decks in Lebanon, then Exterpark is for you. It’s two patented innovations, an invisible profile and a magnet system, make it an industry leader. Exterpark has been used in a wide variety of projects in more than 60 countries worldwide, featuring collaborations with internationally known architects. At Mawad in Beirut, we are proud to be collaborating with Exterpark for your exterior wood needs.

exterpark 1

exterpark decking beirut

exterpark decking beirut

1) Invisible profile

Created in 2004, invisible profile decking brings you:

  1. Flawless Finish: no gaps and no visible understructure
  2. Effortless Hygiene: no debris building in the gaps of the deck
  3. Seamless Joints: no valuables can fall through
  4. Increased Safety: less chance of tripping caused by gaps
  5. Durability: High quality long-lasting decking
Regular Profile-2

2) The Magnet System

The Magnet System is an innovative decking system. It has 6 essential elements that come together to form the best decking in the world — starting with a groove on the underside of every board to fit the magnet clips. Each board is fitted with aluminum joints perfectly engineered to accommodate the magnet clips along with spacers that give a 4mm gap to allow for drainage and air circulation. Blocking units prevent any movement along the boards of your decking. The Magnet clip itself is the cornerstone of the system. Made from POM, a high-performance engineering thermoplastic, it is durable yet flexible even in extreme conditions. This advanced mechanical locking system holds boards together more securely than any screw yet has the flexibility to be quickly opened and closed when necessary. With a magnet tool, any board can be easily lifted in under 5 seconds.

Installation benefits:

  1. EASY: no screws
  2. FAST: no predrilling
  3. SILENT: no tools
exterpark mawad beirut
exterpark decking beirut
exterpark decking beirut
exterpark decking beirut
exterpark decking beirut

Problems of the regular system:

  1. Cupping, wrapping and cracking due to the side grooves profile.
  2. Movement of wood due to expansion and contraction where the clips will get loose with time and decking boards will deviate from the initial direction.
  3. Usage of wooden or resin joint understructure which can wear off with time, making the surface decking uneven.
  4. Usage of less stable, more expensive woods which show defects sooner than more durable wood, such as Teak and Ipe.
  5. Usage of oil wood to maintain its color and stability.
  6. Wide gaps that allow tree leaves and waste to go underneath and block the drainage.


With Exterpark introducing The Magnet system, we have solved these problems:

  1. Clips are connected from underneath the wood to create a firm profile.
  2. High stability and consistent wood direction
  3. Usage of aluminum joists to guarantee the most extended lifetime possible for the decking because understructure is as important as the surface. Aluminum joists will never rust, bend, crack, nor expand.
  4. No need to use the expensive woods, some other tropical outdoor woods are available in affordable prices giving a better performance than the precious woods in the regular system
  5. Oiling will be a choice here if the client wants to maintain color, but if the client likes the look of an aged decking (which is the case in most of the times) then no need to oil it and the wood will not have problems
  6. The invisible gaps not only give a seamless finish; but also blocks dirt from going under the deck and helps the client in clean it efficiently.


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