NewTechWood is a leader in outdoor decking since 2004. Scope of work ranges from concept development and manufacture of outdoor composite wood decking, wall cladding, fencing, screening, and garden furniture.


For a better Lebanese outdoor life

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NewTechWood DNA is eco-friendly and takes our environment into consideration. Connect with nature while walking barefoot on your terrace or balcony.


Our Colors

NewTechWood decking is among the most natural looking composite decking in the Lebanese market. There is a color for every style !


Care & Maintenance

NewTechWood decking requires little effort and time to keep a fresh look. Sanding and oiling are not required.

Mawad in Beirut is a one-stop shop for all your decking, screening, and cladding needs. Mawad is proud to be an exclusive supplier of NewTechWood to Lebanese homeowners.
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Composite Decking

A natural looking composite decking for your outdoor space. Connect with nature while walking barefoot on your terrace or balcony.

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Wall Cladding

Exterior & interior wall cladding that adds beauty to your space & touch of nature to your lifestyle. It requires zero maintenance : no oiling nor painting.

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Screening Fencing

Decorative garden fencings , pergolas , sun screens & much more: add a touch of beauty to your project with NewTechWood screening & fencing. Mix and match panels with different patterns , colors & sizes to create a unique product.

Benefits of NewTechWood

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Based on PE composite wood market, they can be divided into capped and non capped composite wood. 5 different types of composite wood can be identified as follows.

  • Non capped, known as first generation.
  • Capped layer contains wood powder.
  • Capped halfway.
  • Completely capped with rooted groove.
  • Capped 360 degrees.


Some capped composite wood products contain wood powder in their cap layer, which means that wood powder is still exposed to the elements and can still succumb to the problems of the first generation. First generation (non capped) composite wood has no cap layer to protect the core.

NewTechWood offers decking material with 360-degree capping. We know you want your backyard patio composite materials to last, which is why we go the extra mile and fully cap our composite planks. Our NewTechWood UltraShield® consists of two high-quality parts.


We carefully select dense, recycled hardwood and softwood fibers for our imitation decking. The high-quality materials give our decking more durability and strength. The materials we use in the core are also recyclable.


We use a 360-degree cap over the composite core, giving four sides of our boards the ultimate protection. During manufacturing, we extrude the shield and core under a high-temperature mold. With this process, we don’t use any harmful chemicals or adhesives to bind the cap to the core. As a result, your plastic-composite decking is better for the environment than other options.

·        Ultrashield® Naturale™ is durable. It won’t crack or blister. The material is also available in two grains for a natural look, has hidden fasteners that reduce the size of the gap and is one of the lowest-priced composite products available.

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