SapienStone is the first brand of porcelain slab countertop surfaces designed specifically for kitchen worktops, both residential and professional use.
SapienStone dresses up your space with a complete range of colors and finishes to create an exclusive and dynamic look. Explore products that match all lifestyle choices, from ultra-modern to a more classic and traditional style. All products feature a full body with marble veins that guarantee a perfect look at home or office. Mawad in Beirut is proud to be a supplier of SapienStone. Mawad can supply & apply the material by adaptation.

What is SapienStone ?

SapienStone's slabs are crafted from ceramic clays and mineral colorings. Thanks to a unique manufacturing process, slabs will not be altered by heat, light, chemical cleaners, and disinfectant products.

Use SapienStone as a bathroom countertop or tabletop for indoor and outdoor use. The advanced technical performance SapienStone products permit applications to floors and walls. Use the same color on each surface for a polished look or combine many colors for a bold look.

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SapienStone Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops serve 2 basic purposes: design and daily use. SapienStone's high-quality products can serve both functions simultaneously.

SapienStone's color palette could match any furnishing and accessory styles. Several colors are available in either natural or polished finishes to complement your design.
Counter-tops can be in direct contact with food because SapienStone products is hygienic and features a non-absorbent surface. The application of hot pots and pans is possible. The product is naturally resistant to thermal shock.

SapienStone's Technical Properties

SapienStone is naturally resistant to high temperatures. Unlike wood, laminates and quartz products. SapienStone will not suffer thermal damages. Sunlight does not alter any of its features. Therefore, SapienStone's slabs are outdoor friendly.

SapienStone is scratch resistant. Featuring a tough surface that could withstand daily wear and tear. Products do not require special maintenance or treatment. Apply ordinary soap and hot water.

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