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Every person is unique and so are SieMatic kitchens in Beirut. There are three particular styles of kitchens you can choose from. Depending on your lifestyle and taste you can decide between PURE, URBAN or CLASSIC style.


Enjoy fundamental simplicity for a relaxed spirit that puts people in the centre of attention.

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These inspiring kitchens are a social space ready to be filled with memorable moments.

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Indulge in superb craftsmanship for an authentic look and furniture with timeless elegance.

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SieMatic Kitchens in Beirut

SieMatic kitchens are designed to inspire yet last you for decades to come. Whether you’re looking to design a kitchen that flows into the dining and living room area, or you would like to optimize your space, you’ll surely find a kitchen that suits you. Choose your finishing touches by deciding between wood, lacquer and stainless steel. Have your kitchen be a reflection of you and integrate it into your lifestyle flawlessly.

kitchen siematic mawad lebanon beirut

High standards combining quality, functionality and sustainability

This leading German kitchen brand has been innovating the interior design industry for years. High-quality standards and organisational systems will bring to life a kitchen which is customised, flexible, and functional. Their styles are focused on delivering a kitchen with impeccable design that will be a centrepiece of your home for decades to come. Get your brochure to explore more what this high-quality kitchen brand has to offer.

mawad siematic quality kitchens beirut lebanon
mawad siematic quality kitchens beirut lebanon

SieMatic from 1929 to today

This family-run business traces its beginnings all the way back to 1929. The motto of the founder August Siekmann "preferring the best" is still a motivator for the company today. In 1960 SieMatic revolutionised the industry with the first integrated handle channel. This and the timeless elegance of their designs helped the company to grow internationally. Today, the 90 years old brand continues to inspire and revolutionize the industry winning countless international awards and numerous satisfied customers.

SieMatic Flock2Block system

The brand is focused on offering a wide range of variety in their products to provide you with the freedom to be creative and realize a space that fits you just right. SieMatic is specialized in optimizing your cabinet and closet space. Their sturdy and easy to use drawers come in a whole range of sizes, to fit you and your needs just right. Choose between aluminum, wooden, and laminate kitchen accessories. Learn more about the SieMatic Flock2Block system which will ensure your kitchen appliances and accessories stay where they belong.

SieMatic Flock2Block system mawad beirut

If you’re looking for SieMatic kitchens in Beirut, Lebanon you can rest assured that the team of Mawad will go above and beyond to design your dream space.

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