Wood flooring trends in Lebanon

Wood flooring in Lebanon is picking up and with good reason. As the design world gears into shifting towards neutral colors for the winter season, it’s time for us to tell you everything you need to know about interior design’s biggest secret to luxurious home improvement: Wood Flooring. Not only does it add a warm feeling to any home, but it is also affordable, practical and incredibly versatile. Scroll down for a rundown of all you need to know about this type of installation.


Wood Flooring Trend #1 | Parquet Patterns

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to create an original interior aesthetic. All you need is a peak towards vintage trends to understand that playing with textures is an age-old design secret that we all keep going back to.

Parquet flooring was first introduced in the 17th century, becoming favored by the French aristocracy and European upper classes for its individualistic decorative flair. This explains our intuitive association of parquet patterns with affluence and prosperity. Because parquet patterns include geometric lines and shapes, it generally works perfectly with modern, minimalist spaces, and chic pastel color palettes.

With parquet flooring there are an indefinite number of ways to go with each block, ranging from classic herringbone to a complex basket weave. This means that installing parquet floors will ensure that your room reflects your unique style and taste.

Want to add an even more sophisticated touch? Think of painting your parquet flooring. Trust us, it’s all the rage on social media platforms, and sure to get you trending on Instagram.


Wood Flooring Trend #2 | Earth Tones and Neutral Palettes

Earth tones and neutral interior palettes have stolen the spotlight for the past couple of years and are set to shape home designs for the next couple of seasons. No longer exclusive to urban city homes, earth and neutral palettes can be seen in country lodges, city flats, and penthouses all around.

The association of neutral tones with the sophisticated, stylish and chic, comes from the versatility and ability of this palette to blend with any surrounding, inherently creating a balanced vibe and a warm aesthetic.

However, this doesn’t mean you are condemned to grey bleak tones! On the contrary, introduce neutral greige or steely undertones to your wood flooring for an individual combination that is sure to create an eye-catching foundation to build upon.

With a warm base that doesn’t become overbearing, you can easily introduce subtle shades of red, aquatic accents or chic blush tones.


Wood Flooring Trend #3 | Raw and Grunge Materials

Authenticity is the keyword for the season.

A flawless finish has been set aside in favor of coarse unfinished textures, creating dimension and movement and avoiding the feeling of a cold, clinical feeling.

Distressed, reclaimed, hand scraped wood boards are a great way to introduce a more urban, grunge style to your home with minimal commitment, creating an intriguing twist to your décor.

It also visually enhances your space by reflecting light from a lot of different angles. Adding raw unfinished materials is the perfect way to tie in your home with what’s trending in the interior design world.

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