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Zeyko is a well-established high-quality kitchen brand that comes from Germany. Established in 1933, this company was the first to market itself as a Bio Kitchen with high standards and ecology in mind. The wood used in Zeyko’s kitchen comes from the infamous Black Forest in a way that preserves energy resources. Their focus on sustainability and internationally recognised quality is also reflected in their strict quality control checkpoints. This allows them to gift every kitchen with a 5-year guarantee.

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A wide range of materials

Zeyko is always ready to listen to your needs and provide you with the design of your dreams. You’ll be able to choose between different finishes according to your personality. Choose a clean glass/lacquer style for a pure look, concrete or stone finishes for a modern, urban style or if you’d love to bring nature into your home go with a wooden, natural look.

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Mix it up

The best design styles are achieved when combining different materials which complement each other. For example, classic warm wooden tones can be complemented with concrete countertops. Elegant and sleek glass finishes are a lovely fit with aluminum frames or rails. If you appreciate an industrial look, you’ll also enjoy incorporating metal into your space which makes every piece unique. Consider combining it with stone to create layers and an interesting profile.

Yellow line

There’s a yellow line in Zeyko’s factory which represents an important point in their production. When a kitchen passes the yellow line, it receives the name of the owner. This means that this is now your kitchen with your preferred features, receiving its final touches with love. From here, it’s just a matter of time before you welcome your new kitchen in your home.

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